Cold storage heat preservation board¡¡
Salt water refrigerating equipment
Circle cooling tower
Drying room
¡¡¡¡Shaoxing Kaili Refrigeration and Ventilation Facilities Co., located in the Liang Xiang Industrial Zone of Baiguan , it is specialized in manufacturing cooling tower, chemical saltwater apparatus and various kinds of ventilation facilities for blowers . And it introduces imported self-cooling production line and air conditioning board; it is a professional enterprise in producing refrigeration facilities in East China.......
Fan motor and cooling¡­¡­
Cold storage door¡­¡­
Cold storage refrigeration¡­¡­
Analysis of the development¡­¡­
Installation of the cold¡­¡­
Maintenance of¡­¡­
Cream de cold air¡­¡­
Shaoxing Kaili Refrigeration and Ventilation Facilities Co., Ltd.

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