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       Company is specialized in supplying all kinds of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment and refrigerant piping installation, even cold storage and cold storage design for daily use, must be strictly in accordance with the norms of good, any design, installation, maintenance and use of non-standard or non-standard, will make a bad operation of refrigeration system, fault and even damage the machine running the. So it is the key of cold storage refrigeration equipment installation, the following cold storage refrigeration equipment manufacturers to install refrigeration equipment of several common problems about the.
     1) the refrigerant line no or lack of oil return bend. Conveying refrigerant lines in the horizontal direction of bending, must make a first down to go after the small bending U bend, this pipeline to the uplink is qualified, not directly made a 90 degree turn up, otherwise, system inside the oil can not be good to the compressor, and a large number of deposition in the cooling fan, the fan and the whole system can not function properly, or even damage the fan and the unit equipment.
     2) refrigeration compressor without damper installation, or poor vibration damping effect. According to the installation specification, should install the unit vibration damping device, if not standardized or no damping measures, can make the machine vibration, easy to cause the pipeline crack, equipment vibration bad, even room to shock.
     3) the lines do not do heat preservation. If there is no insulation, cooling pipeline will frost at ambient temperature, thus affecting the refrigeration effect, make the unit load increased, and then the unit super strength, reduce the service life of the unit.
     4) the refrigerant line linkage disequilibrium. Unit in the pipeline connected to a set of multiple compressors, to make the oil return to the compressor must be balanced distribution, the main pipeline interface is arranged in the middle position is located in multiple head, then both sides to set some branch line, let the oil return equilibrium into a plurality of branch pipe of compressor.
Moreover, each branch pipe to the valve installed, to adjust the oil return. If not so, but from different parts of the main pipeline in turn leads to more downward pipe connected to a compressor, will be back to the oil is not balanced, the first oil return is always the most full, behind a turn back to the oil gradually reduce. In this way, it may make the first compressor operation defects, vibration, high oil pressure, superheated, resulting in compressor thrust cylinder \ locking accident, the damage to the equipment.
     The above is small make up for the cold storage refrigeration equipment manufacturers to install refrigeration equipment problems about several brief, location and environment of air cooler in the refrigerator interior will influence the operation which is also very important.
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