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      Shaoxing Kaili ventilation equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in cold storage refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment manufacturers before news introduced installation of cold storage refrigeration equipment of several common, below small make up the cold storage refrigeration equipment inspection and maintenance.

      (1) the cold storage refrigeration equipment to various technical indicators of regular inspection, timely adjustment. The operating temperature and pressure cold storage refrigeration system level, lubricating oil and the amount of refrigerant, to check, adjust. The system should have the automatic control and the compressor alarm device, once a problem, will be issued a warning, or automatic protective shutdown, stop of the compressor.

     (2) the installation environment of air cooler and maintenance problems. Location and environment of air cooler in the refrigerator inside, will affect its operation. General in the cooler near the cold storage door nearby, easy to dew frost. Because of its location in the environment in the door, open the door when the outside heat flow into, in the face of air cooler, condensation frosting, and even ice. Although the cooling fan can be automatically heated defrosting, however, if open the door too frequent, open time is too long, hot air flow into the long and large quantity, fan defrosting effect is poor. Because the frost time may not be too long in the air cooler, otherwise the cooling time is relatively short, the cooling effect is not good, the temperature can not be guaranteed.

      (3) maintenance unit. To change regularly lubricating oil, filter. According to the need to add refrigerant condenser, to keep clean, keep clean, to prevent dust, sand or flying debris, refrigeration effect.
Some people think that as long as there is no impurities, lubricating oil, can continue to use, although it has been used for more than two years, also does not need to be replaced. This is obviously wrong. The lubricating oil in the system operation under high temperature for a long time, its performance may have changed, can not play its due role in the lubrication, if not change, will make the machine running temperature, even making the machine damage.

      The filter should be replaced periodically. As we know, the machine has a "filter", also should be changed regularly. Refrigeration compressor system may not have the "filter", only one filter, should be replaced on a regular basis. If the filter is metal, no damage, it is not necessary to replace, this argument is groundless, is untenable.

      The above is the cold storage refrigeration equipment manufacturers introduced the maintenance of refrigeration equipment, Zhejiang province Shaoxing Kaili ventilation equipment Co. Ltd. to implement "small profits, heavy righteousness, durability, and trustworthy" business principles, sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance and a person with breadth of vision.

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