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    Zhejiang province Shaoxing Kaili ventilation equipment limited company specializing in the production of cold storage refrigeration equipment products, some cold, because the door open too much, too high frequency, time is too long, there is no insulation measures, no partition door, so cold, heat and flow directly exchange, air cooling machine near the door is bound to encounter the frosting problem serious, we try to understand the problem of drainage cooler defrost melt down water.
    Air conditioner defrosting the melting of water drainage problems and related to the degree of frost. The frost is serious, is bound to create a number of condensed water, wind machine water receiving disc can not afford, poor drainage, will drain down, flow to the base surface, if the storage of goods, goods will soak. In this case, can be installed a water receiving disc, and the installation of draft tube of coarse, condenser water.
   There are some cooler water from the fan blowing, spraying to the library memory cargo problem. Fan frosting problem which is hot and cold exchange environment, is the main condensate fan page in hot environment, rather than the fan itself defrosting effect problem. To solve the fan of condensed water problem, must improve the environment. Design on the door in a partition wall, cannot cancel the partition wall.
Cold storage refrigeration equipment manufacturers tell you if in order to facilitate the import of goods, and the abolition of the partition wall, fan environment has changed, it is not up to the effect of refrigeration, defrost effect is not good, even the wind machine faults occur, equipment problems.
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