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    Zhejiang province Shaoxing Kaili ventilation equipment limited company specializing in the production of cold storage refrigeration equipment products, a news we understand the drainage cooler defrost melt down the water, here we come to know the condenser fan motor and electric heating tube of cold air.

    Condenser fan motor and a cold wind electric heating tube is a damageable parts. In the fan motor long time high temperature environment, the possible failure and damage. If the freezer temperature is important guarantee, is to order some vulnerable parts, in order to facilitate timely repair of.

     The environmental temperature of condenser. The condenser is usually installed in the outdoor roof roof, in summer high temperature environment, the temperature of the condenser itself is very high, the unit operating pressure. If high temperatures, can be in roof condensation by the addition of the arbor, the sun, the condenser temperature is reduced, to reduce the machine pressure, protection unit, so as to ensure the purpose of cold storage temperature. Of course, if the unit capacity enough to ensure temperature, also can not build the arbor.

    The electric heating tube air cooler, but also need to have spare more insurance. From past experience, refrigeration system equipment and refrigerant piping installation, even cold storage and cold storage design for daily use, must be strictly in accordance with the norms of good, any design, installation, maintenance and use of non-standard or non-standard, will make a bad operation of refrigeration system, fault and even damage the operation of the machine.

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