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    Zhejiang province Shaoxing Kaili ventilation equipment limited company specializing in the production of cold storage refrigeration equipment, refrigeration system equipment and refrigerant piping installation for cold storage refrigeration is very important, the cold storage temperature and cold storage door is related to the operation of the cold storage refrigeration system.
A cold warehouse, large area, inventory number, open many doors, door opening and closing time and frequency, and frequency of cargo throughput, inventory, are the factors which influence the temperature in the library.

    General cold storage room door, open and closed times a day should not exceed 8 times. If the switch is unlimited, refrigeratory automatic door mechanical components and frame insulation materials will accelerate wear, electrical components are also more prone to failure.
If the cold storage area, automatic door, each automatic door switch many times, mechanical burden overweight, the inevitable door faults occur, door fittings are also frequently damaged. As a result, repair workload increases, and timely repair problems. Because, the manufacturer may not specially arranged a person to wait the few (perhaps only two door refrigerator door). However, once the cold storage door failure, can not be opened, will affect the import of goods; or can not be closed, will make the cold storage temperature, storage temperature is not up to the requirements.

    Set and the number of cold storage for the design, construction and cold storage doors, must according to the frequency of the inventory, the door switch, comprehensive arrangement. The use of cold storage unit according to design specifications, reasonable use of cold storage, can not disregard the actual situation design conditions and facilities, blindly increase inventory and improve freight turnover, normal load exceeds facilities and equipment and capacity. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems.

     The above is the cold storage refrigeration equipment of cold storage door position and installation simple, installation of refrigeration system equipment and refrigerant lines to install any irregularities in the design, use, maintenance or irregularities, will make a bad operation of refrigeration system, fault and even damage the machine operation.

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