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     Cold storage refrigeration equipment is our company's main products, many accidents cold storage refrigeration system of ammonia occurred last year, high attention from all circles of the society. In 2013, the "ammonia" became a lot of refrigeration lingering "nightmare", security problem has become the largest market of Shandong refrigeration engineering topics.

    It is reported that in 2013 September to date, Jining Anjian departments for safety checks and safety special rectification activities to the city's 1028 enterprises involved in ammonia, find the hidden trouble of two million, 91 involving ammonia enterprises due to the existence of equipment and facilities aging, extended service and other major security risk has been shut down.

     From the beginning of the second half of 2013, Shandong District Quality Supervision Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau for approval of more stringent ammonia. "It's good for the industry, ammonia refrigeration engineering advantage we can't deny, improve its threshold, is an opportunity to the enterprise, to design and manufacture enterprise the same. At present we are going from the source design reduce ammonia reserves in this area, including gravity industrial part of the system including the drainage system."

     "Jining is a big city, using liquid ammonia, the cold storage 939, food processing enterprises 34, 55 enterprises using liquid ammonia. As the garlic township of Jinxiang County, involving the ammonia storage and as many as 830 enterprises, accounting for 80% of the city, to have the characteristics of ammonia enterprise wide, mostly small and micro enterprises, located in rural and remote rural areas, many distributed in the residential area, the safety distance does not meet the requirements, a lot of refrigeration equipment behind the old, dilapidated, management is not in place, many hidden safety dangers." At present, Jining city installs inspect bureau to each county urban district Anjian Bureau, Taibai lake and High-tech Zone Economic Development Bureau issued "safety instructions manual", so that more businesses and the public to understand knowledge of liquid ammonia.

     In the face of Shandong refrigeration has gradually become a regular trend, refrigeration equipment manufacturers need to do is to improve the quality of the products. "In the past few years we have been committed to improve the product from the materials and technology, improve safety. We must strictly abide by the norms in the construction, especially in welding, and the operation and maintenance personnel training, but also clearly identify the escape route, once the crisis to the staff must know how to protect themselves."

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