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Analysis of the development of China's ammonia refrigeration equipment

     Cold storage refrigeration equipment is our company's main products, ammonia refrigeration equipment is one of a kind of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration system of ammonia refrigeration equipment is using ammonia as the working medium, the development below we analyse our country to the ammonia refrigeration equipment.

    In recent years, the refrigeration equipment industry in China has undergone a period of rapid growth, the domestic refrigeration products have many advantages in manufacturing technology, cost control, and other aspects of market share. Ammonia refrigeration unit is equipped with large and medium-sized refrigerator required, but the danger of the ammonia refrigeration led to its technical limitations in a few manufacturers. Compared with foreign, our country still lacks the corresponding with the standard, our country should be based on the development of economy and refrigeration equipment technology, the development of industry standards. In addition, with the increasing concern on the energy consumption and operation cost has become an important factor affecting the refrigeration system change.

    From the perspective of long-term development, formed the core technology and core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights, China can truly realize the move by the refrigeration industry a big manufacturing country to a powerful nation. For now demands of safety and environmental protection, ammonia refrigeration equipment enterprises to actively develop energy-saving environmental protection equipment research and development, in order to deal with climate change, developing green economy and circular economy, increase investment in science and technology, learn to master the key technology and constantly improve their own board innovation ability, find and solve the current industry development, seize the strategic choice of the future competition the commanding heights.
Because ammonia is toxic, there are many restrictions in the design of ammonia system. Ammonia refrigeration equipment enterprises in China compared with developed countries, scientific research is low, detection means backward, affecting the refrigeration technology to raise the level of. China's ammonia refrigeration equipment should create good refrigeration equipment market, to break the bottleneck of development of the industry.

      Ammonia refrigeration equipment is mainly used in large-scale industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration field. Over the years, has been the main refrigerant in industrial ammonia refrigeration field, new applications and the increasingly demanding norms still continue to promote the development of ammonia refrigeration technology, the ammonia refrigeration equipment requirements are also increasing.

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